Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Illegal Immigration, AZ, and the LDS Church

There was an article in the paper today about how the new immigration law in Arizona is hurting the LDS Church and our image. The man who sponsored the bill is an LDS state senator and critics of the bill are pointing at the Church as being racist and even some Church members would like the Church to "put a stop to him". I have stayed silent on this issue for too long - it's time that I weigh in. If I offend anyone, so be it.

There is a quote in the article from a man who was investigating the Church but stopped when he heard that the Senator that sponsored it was LDS - saying that he couldn't expose his children to a religion who has members that hate other people because they are different. This is absolutely laughable - 70% of Arizonans support this bill. Not 70% of Mormons - 70% of ALL Arizonans, including I am sure many Hispanics, Catholics, Jews, Atheists, Protestants, Laker fans, etc. You get my drift. To single out the LDS Church is narrow-minded and stupid.

I was in a Church leadership meeting a few weeks ago and this topic came up and it was made very clearly known that the Church will not take a stance on this bill because it is a political issue. Some have asked why they took a stance on the same-sex marriage bill from 2008 - marriage between a man and a woman is fundamental to our faith and is a moral issue, not a political issue.

My personal feelings on illegal immigration are this: I love the Church and I know that it is true and teaches the only true way to be happy in this life and in the eternities to come. That doesn't mean that I have to like every member of the Church - there are some LDS people that I can't stand (i.e. Harry Reid). Not every member of the Church is perfect - some are just not good people, some cheat on and beat their wives, some abuse their children, some speed too much in their cars and text while they are driving, some steal and yes, some LDS members are illegal immigrants. I find it unbelievable that we are so concerned with hurting the feelings of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Inherent in the term illegal immigration is the fact that the immigrant is breaking the law - hence the word ILLEGAL.

I have a few friends that are illegal immigrants - I know them from where I served my mission. They came here in search of a better life, they came legally but when their visas expired, they just never left. They have lived here illegally for several years. They are LDS and they are wonderful people. Although I love them and I understand why they came and empathize with them, I believe that we need to be obedient to the laws of the land. And those that are here illegally are breaking the laws of the land. People can sugarcoat it as much as they want and say that they are contributing to the society and that they are great people, but when push comes to shove, they are breaking the law. They can villify those that enforce the law and call them racist and unfair, but the bottom line is, they are breaking the law.

I find it unbelievable that the entire country is so up in arms about this bill, I really do. Last time I checked, the federal law requires deportation of those that are here illegally. This bill just allows us to enforce federal law. And also the last time I checked, 60% of Americans support this bill. Why are people making such a big deal about this? It is stupid, it is political correctness gone crazy and I for one am sick of it. It is a call to action to the federal government to do their job and secure the borders of our country. And anybody that wants to villify the LDS Church or its members because an LDS man sponsored the bill, in my opinion, is ignorant. It could just as easily have been a Catholic, Jew or Atheist - it is supported by the vast majority of Arizonans.

Read the article on azcentral.com at http://www.azcentral.com/arizonarepublic/news/articles/2010/05/18/20100518arizona-immigration-law-mormon-church.html and let me know if you agree with me.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The 5 NBA Teams I Hate the Most

In honor of the Phoenix Suns' glorious sweep of the Spurs, I thought I would share my thoughts about the 5 NBA teams that I love to hate the most. I am interested in your thoughts on my hatred. These go in order from least to most hated:

5. The Dallas Mavericks - I have nothing against Dallas or Maverick players - I actually really like J Kidd, Nowitzki and even Jason Terry. The only reason I hate the Mavericks is because of Mark Cuban. I can't stand the man - the sight of him makes my hair stand on end. I loved watching the Spurs beat the Mavericks for the simple fact that watching Mark Cuban lose makes me happy.

4. The Denver Nuggets - or should I say Thuggets. There is no bigger group of thugs on an NBA court anywhere in the league. Kenyon Martin is a class A thug with very few basketball skills at all. Chris Andersen, although he plays very hard, is a giant tattoo-ridden thug. JR Smith - I don't even have the words for how big a thug that guy is. Nene, thug. Carmelo? Debatable. The only player on their roster that I actually like is Chauncey Billups. I hate the Thuggets and I am glad they are out.

3. The Los Angeles Lakers - some would think that my hatred for the Lakers would top any other team in the league. Even though there are two other teams that I hate more, I despise the Lakers. I dislike them a lot less than I used to and I really don't think Kobe is as bad as Osama bin Laden. I hate Kobe less now than I used to, but I still dislike him strongly. I can't stand Artest for obvious reasons. Other than that, I don't really dislike any of their players. I think the reason I dislike the Lakers so much is because they win so much. I know that's not a good reason to dislike them, but that's my reason. And I guess that's why I don't dislike them nearly as much as I used to. I would love to see them in the Western Conference Finals.

These last two are a toss-up - I hate them both equally. It really depends on the day of the week.

2. Utah Jazzercizers - I have been to many NBA games and I have never been to one where the fans are so lame and mouthy and foul and mean spirited as to when I went to a Suns game in Salt Lake City. Now, I don't know what it is about LDS people and basketball - but we are such bad sports. I know that's an awful thing to say, but it is true. I reffed BYU intramural basketball for several years and I have never seen such poor sportsmanship. Not to say that the entire Jazz arena is filled with Mormons, but it has to be the prevailing majority. I also think that Jerry Sloan (although he gets more out of less than any coach I know of) coaches his players to play dirty, although less now than back in the day of Stockton and Malone. The only time I am a Laker fan ever, is when they play the Jazz. I absolutely love watching the Jazz lose.

1. San Antonio Spurs - was there really any doubt who would be on top of this list? Where do I even begin to describe my hatred for the Spurs? Bruce Bowen - dirty player. Robert Horry - dirty player. Manu Ginobili - biggest flopper (and nose) in league history. Gregg Popazit - the only coach I hate more than the Zen Master. Tony Parker - is he really good looking enough to have landed Eva Longoria? I think not. Tim Duncan - crybaby and reminds me of Cedric the Entertainer (rest his soul) when a foul is called on him with the bulging eyes looking with disbelief. That stupid coyote that passes as a mascot - lame. I categorically HATE the Spurs. Not because they win a lot, and they do. Not because they beat the Suns a lot, and they do. I just hate them. Nothing was more satisfying than to watch the Spurs not only lose, but lose catastrophically in spectacular fashion. You would think that beating them would lessen my hatred for the Spurs, and you would be wrong.